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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CWE Association Security Meetings

The CWE Association's Safety & Security meetings are held the last wed. of the month. March's meeting has been canceled but the next one will be April 30 at 5:45 at the Schlafly Library. You can view the latest security updates at or receive them in your email by contacting the CWE Assoc. at 367-2220.

Please do not shy away from bringing your kids. The president of the Assoc., Tricia Roland-Hamilton, has encouraged me to bring mine. We pick up a few books from the library and then head into the conference room where the meetings are held. You may want to check out the month's topic before bringing your kids (my 4 year old has started calling them "panhandling meetings," so he clearly pays some attention to what's going on).

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