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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Helmet Checks and Car seat installments in the neighborhood

I made it over to Children's Hospital for a helmet check today for the first time and thought I would pass along what they offer at their Safety Stop.

Helmet checks, car seat checks/installments, and home safety consultations
* The helmet check was really easy. I called and made an appointment and they replaced some of the padding in Lucas' helmet and I bought a new one for Maria for just $8.

* Here's what the web says about car seat checks:

Parents bring their child, vehicle and car seat to Safety Stop and a certified child passenger safetytechnician will inspect the seat, check it for a correct fit to the child and show them how to install itproperly.

* And home safety consults:
A trained safety expert will review the top three unintentional home injuries that we see at St. Louis Children's Hospital, discuss ways avoid these injuries and ways to make a home a safer environment for children. This service is perfect for expectant or new parents. All participants receive a FREE home safety starter kit!

Just call 314.454.KIDS or 800.678.KIDS or check out:

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